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Peregrine Falcons

Where to see NYC's falcons: the Manhattan Tower of the Brooklyn Bridge, the Metropolitan Life Building on East 45th St, the bell tower of Riverside Church, and 55 Water Street. (I'm reading Wild New York by Mittlebach and Crewdson).


  1. Ken said...
    Are they big enough to eat New York rats?!
    tracy said...
    They only eat birds which they catch on the wing. Mainly pigeons. The owls would be great at rat control, though.
    toxic said...
    boston has several. one pair in the custom house, another in the christian science center. hartford has a pair in the travelers building.
    there is a documentary about peregrine's that a friend has spoken of that records the pursuit of a pigeon through a city by a falcon. check those nature documentary schedules carefully

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