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Svenska Dansband

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  1. Kai Carver said...
    tracy_the_astonishing: I just posted on the Sputterly Utter
    kaicarver: hm, the server was down earlier, I tried to post so instead mailed it to Erik and CHris
    kaicarver: so the post is probably lost for all time...
    tracy_the_astonishing: uh
    tracy_the_astonishing: yours or mine?
    kaicarver: mine
    kaicarver: oh I'd seen that already... there were list of the wors LP covers of all time...
    kaicarver: it's truly freaky to look at anything form the 70s
    kaicarver: for thos of us who lived then
    kaicarver: also we make fun of other countries for being so tacky, but they're just us a few years removed
    kaicarver: by we I meant we western people
    kaicarver: etc...

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