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Mole rats

I've posted about these creatures before, but just tonight I discovered the naked mole ratcam via the naked mole rat Tribe.


  1. Erik said...
    I just spent a minute watching those mole rats crawling through that tunnel, and what I saw in that short time was already fascinating: there was one mole rat that stayed in the little intersection chamber, clawing and clawing at one spot on the wall as if trying to dig his way out of there, while a few other mole rats went through the tunnels briskly, with what seemed like great purpose, oblivious to the would-be escapee's mad exertions.
    tracy said...
    The Amazon Rivercam is pretty interesting, too. All of the Smithsonian animal cams are best viewed during museum opeing hours, and daylight time in Washington. Otherwise, all the lights are off and the animals are asleep.

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