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Seniors Rule and Hall of Douchebags had me laughing, a bit in the style of Svenska Dansband. The mean comments and relentless repetition get my giggles going. This comic device even works for as bland a subject as the classic grading the world's flags.

(from Mefi: I waste time so you can waste time more efficiently).


  1. tracy said...
    Hey, thanks for reading Metafilter for me. I really appreciate it.
    Yuwen Yang said...
    I like the world flags site but find the grading system is just okay. Nowegian flag gets a B only? I like this flag without any special reasons and would like to grade it an A... :p
    Kai Carver said...
    Yeah, it's kind of random. Definitely, the Japanese flag is an A. But so is the British flag, in my opinion. It's hard to be "objective". The French flag is quite good too, I think. But anyway we can all agree (and laugh) on some of the very bad grades.

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