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It's a map! It's a mix tape!

These are the songs of my life. Last week I learned how to embed mp3 files and starting making this map of the songs of my life. I haven't even made it past 1989 yet. Writing stories about the past really stirs up the memories. The more you remember, the more you remember. It's kind of incredible.


  1. Anita said...
    This is really fun! But I don't think I can add the mp3 files. A lot of the music that made the biggest impression on me after high school was live or obscure or both. Of course, I suppose I could delve all the way back to The Turtles and "So Happy Together" in fourth grade...
    Kai Carver said...
    Very nice. But alas, the Platial interface, it still confuses me*...
    Anyway! It's a great list. And interesting comments.
    *I click on the thumbtack thingie that says Dylan, but no Dylan. I have to leave the map, click in the list, to get Dylan**. There's supposed to be 9 songs, but in that list, I only see four. Why do I have to click 100 times to see and hear Tracy's 9 life-changing songs? Why why why? I like maps, but not if they get in the way.
    ** Usually, clicking or double-clicking just moves the map imperceptibly. But I double-clicked on "Grease", and lo! I got Grease. Now it seems to work better. Strange.
    Also, comments are in the wrong order.
    PS: A while ago, to help someone out, I listed some other ways to put mp3s in web pages. Might be useful, dunno.
    Kai Carver said...
    Yeah, and another thing! Why aren't we in a bar having drinks listening to these songs, huh? Why why why?

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