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Cruisin' the Web with Sweetness

This morning when I logged on to the office irc channel to start my work day, the title of the channel had been changed to " cruisin' the web with sweetness."

Steven Bradford Hulett, aka the sweetest Church of Christ guy, has a great collection of Valentine's cards and an awesome little website navigator.

I can't decide which card is my favorite.
"I wish you could have seen the smile on my face when I caught this turtle"
A list of all my blessings

I love this side of the internet!


  1. Erik said...
    who changed the title of the channel is what i want to know
    Kai Carver said...
    i don't get it
    Tracy said...
    There's nothing to get. It's just a guy who made a website. These are my favorite kinds of sites. One person just trying stuff out. You get a real sense of the guy. A bit dorky, but charming.
    As to who changed the title of the channel, my money is on Jason Wilson.

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