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Patron Saints

Anita was working this morning on a translation about Saint Catherine Laboure and I did a little searching to see if I could figure out if that really is the woman's corpse or not at the rue de bac. Seems to be so, though it's hard to believe.

This led me to a webpage listing saints' patronages. Botulph is the patron saint of Boston. The patron saint of computers, computer users, and computer technicians is Isidore of Seville. Mental Illness has many patrons. Narcissus and Saint Mark the Evangelist share the patronage of insect bites. Narcissus lived as a hermit in the desert and probably then suffered from all kinds of flea bites and such, but Mark has no fewer than 19 patronages. It seems unfair to make Narcissus share the one measly patronage he has. Mark has Egypt, Venice, lawyers and scrofulous diseases. Hardly seems fair.


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