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Wiggeldy Woo

Chris Marstall sent me this. It is FREAKING ME OUT!


  1. Gwendal said...
    This one scares me a lot, too. It's horrifyingly much too much well called "earthquake".
    Damned and gosh, do these freaking illusions have any biological purpose ??... Should an advanced robotic eye have such illusions ?
    Erik said...
    [salut Gwendal!]
    I have been thinking about memory again lately. It seems that if low-cost tricks like these can have such a strong effect on our perception of reality through our visual sense, then it would not be surprising if similarly mundane skewing factors affected our memory in devastating ways. I feel exonerated now.
    And could the development of robust-yet-faulty storage combined with a generalization of Gwendal's robotic eye idea be an interesting avenue for artificial intelligence research?

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