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Meade Instruments, which specializes in telescopes, in financing free planetarium software, available through the PBS show Jack Stargazer. The software will show you what's in the sky now or at any date in the past or future. You can have the constellations drawn in, no constellations, or draw in and name the constellations to learn them yourself. You can also have the computer show you the stars rising and setting in real time or accelerated.

Write to
Meade "Star Gazer" Softwarr
Meade Instruments
6001 Oak Canyon
Irvine CA 92618

Include $1 for shipping and handling. If you're in France I suggest sending a preaddressed envelope with an international return stamp which you can get at La Poste.

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  1. Glen Barnes said...
    Also check out KStars from the KDE project.

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