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How about some web art, and I don't mean flash animations.

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  1. Kai Carver said...
    uhhh. The first thing I clicked on *was* a Flash animation. There was this hammer, right? and this pretty star. And I immediately wanted the hammer to smash the star to bits. But instead, the image changed to a child's set, with toy "nails" waiting to be hammered. One especially was asking for it: it blinked slowly. I sat watching this for while. Nothing happened, no hammer, no nothing. So I went back and found an "introduction". There was the usual artistic semi-understandable blabla. The hammer and the magic, essential ingredients of art, blabla. But then it talked about lots of other stuff, that I hadn't seen. So I went back, saw the hammer and star again, then the nails, the blinking one, and aaaah, I was supposed to *click* on the blinking one! Which after a long wait gave me something or other. Which then required more clicking and waiting. I hate Flash. And I hate Web art.
    Did you see anything you liked in that gallery?
    Oh, I take that back, I quite like the presents of Ellen, a Dutch web artist. Even her Flash stuff, like the story of Happy Single Square.

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