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Japan is cool nowadays. I quite enjoyed Zatoichi, Last Samurai and Lost In Translation. So why not take a look at a Japanese blog?

This girl seems kind of spacy and eccentric and stylish:

Things I think are elegant

* A white coat over a violet waistcoast
* Duck's eggs
* Sherbet ice, liana syrup, in a nice new silver bowl
* Rock crystal
* Wistaria
* Snow on plum blossoms
* A pretty little girl eating strawberries

She has an interesting love life:

One time, I had a boyfriend who would always mail me the day after we had slept together. Once he said that he saw no point in our relationship and didn't have anything left to say to me.

The next day came, and there was nothing from him. I was pretty fed up when the dawn came with no next-morning mail. "Well", I thought as the day wore on, "I guess he actually meant it."

The day after that it rained really hard. Dawn came, noon came, and still no word; he'd forgotten all about me. Then I was sitting outside on the veranda in the evening, and a boy came up with an umbrella in one hand and a letter in the other. I tore open the letter, and the message was: "The rain that swells the water".

I thought this was more beautiful than a whole pile of poems.

Too bad she's been dead for over a thousand years...

((stunned smiley) Perl people show up in the most unlikely places... I'm impressed.)


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