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5. Are the bedrooms at below zero temperature?
Absolutely! Around -5 degrees Celsius is the indoor temperature in Icehotel. If outdoor temperature falls below -30, then it may be -8 inside, but not colder!

6. Can I really sleep well in Icehotel?
Of course. All overnight guests at Icehotel have a guided tour upon check-in either at 2 pm or 5 pm - whichever suits You best. Then You will find out how to actually sleep well during the night. You can read more about this under Equipment.

There's also a church and a theater. Here's the story.

If you'd rather not go that far into the Arctic Circle, you can visit Milan, Italy, and have a drink out of an ice glass at the Icebar (ads), which opens tomorrow.

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  1. Anita said...
    Maybe during a heat wave.

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