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Self Improvement

I played this US geography test from Metafilter and failed it the first four times I played it, but I've been doing it a couple times a day the past three days or so. I can now do them in alphabetical order without a mistake (rather than fill in the ones you know and then figure out the rest). Next I'll get them in any random order.

I thought it would be good to find something like this for the rest of the world, since I have a typical American's grasp of world geography and feel a little embarassed about it.

This quiz is pretty straightforward. I got 81 out of 111 on the Europe quiz (damn those Balkan States).

Syvum dot com has a vast array of tests I haven't really explored yet.


  1. tracy said...
    I did all the lizardpoint quizzes and fared miserably. Except that I got a perfect score for the USA, thanks to recent practice.
    I was surprised to do pretty well with Central America (40 / 42). Proximity to the US no doubt a factor.
    I did well in Australia (22/24) thanks to the descriptive names of the territoritories.
    Africa was the most dismal. 40 / 147.
    The others I will spare you.
    Kai Carver said...
    110/111 on Europe (I mistook "Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia" for Yugoslavia, i.e., Serbia and Montenegro, which goes to show I don't read more than three words in the name of a country, a heuristic that had served me well until now).
    I was a bit freaked out that Turkey does not exist on the map.
    Oh, for the Baltics, a cheating hint: alphabetical, top to bottom: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania. It may also help to remember that Lithuania and Poland have historically overlapped.
    Also, I wish you didn't have to press "Next Question" every time.
    I fear such a detailed knowledge of European geography may disqualify me from voting in the US election...
    tracy said...
    2nd try on Europe:
    90 of 111
    Glen Barnes said...
    Hmm, I think I'll come back to that. I was having a few issues with europe. I looks so different when you are actaully on the ground ;-)
    Maybe we should get Bush to take the test?
    tracy said...
    After drawing a map of Europe for myself:
    109 of 111. Of course I may not remember them tomorrow.
    tracy said...
    I got 110 of 111 this morning without reviewing my map. I confused Slovenia and Slovakia. Now I'm pondering which part of the map to learn next. Africa, Asia, or the Middle East. Or should I learn all the capitals now?
    Do I have too much time on my hands?
    Chris Marstall said...
    108/111 in Europe: I got Estonia/Lithania mixed up (twice) and Belarus/Ukraine backwards once
    Middle East: 79/87 - problems with Djibouti Armenia Turkmenistan
    Anita said...
    101/111 on Europe: I want the Czech Republic to be everything: Austria, Hungary, the former Yugoslav Republic of Slobbovia. Tracy, time for you to come back for a visit.

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