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Celtic Toe

I recently learned that my freakishly long second toe is proof of my Celtic heritage.


  1. Kai Carver said...
    Or, it might mean you're sick.
    I, too, have a longer second toe, but not as freaky as yours. You don't strike me as particular Celtic. I don't feel Celtic, though I wish I was. Celtic people I think look like Merlin the Enchanter or the owner of the Quiet Man. They have to have a sharp, beaky nose, a piercing stare, and be a bit crazy. So you don't qualify, except for the crazy part. I think Claude might be a bit Celtic. You seem more German or Swedish or Danish.
    tracy said...
    I don't have the callous or pains described in "Morton's toe," but I have been using orthopedic insoles for years and years, so maybe I've headed it off.
    I am more Swedish and German than Celtic, but according to that one site my German and Swedish ancestors might even be Celtic. Anyhow, my maternal grandma is half Irish and half Swedish, so I probably get the toe from my mother's side.
    tracy said...
    I just remembered a funny anecdote this morning. For some reson I woke up with the song "Dancing Queen," in my head.
    Years ago I went to a party, maybe with Christophe. Back when I had long hair. It was an ABBA theme party, but of course I hadn't known that there was a theme. Nevertheless, I got several compliments on my ABBA costume.
    Bradley Martin said...
    Oh Lord, it is idiotic to think that Celtic Toe is a dysfunction. It is that you have an Irish or Scots-Irish heritage. It is NOT a dysfunction.

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