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I Got Excited for Nothing

Just a minute ago, KaiCarver logged onto IM...

or so I thought.

tracy_the_astonishing: hey!
tracy_the_astonishing: nice to see you pop up!
tracy_the_astonishing: I missed you
kaicarver: Sorry ? Are you a relative of Kai Carver ?
kaicarver: I'm from IBM, I'm using one of his machine where he left an automatic connection
tracy_the_astonishing: oh
tracy_the_astonishing: drat
tracy_the_astonishing: no, I'm just a friend
tracy_the_astonishing: he's been out of touch lately
kaicarver: right, I'm desperately seeking him for business purpose
tracy_the_astonishing: good luck
kaicarver: thanks..
tracy_the_astonishing: bye.


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