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Matthew just pointed me to the online Bullfinch's Mythology. Oh, how wonderful.

This chapter makes me think of the approaching springtime.


  1. tracy said...
    Matt, after posting this, I realized that isn't particularly accessible. Is there a reason for that? Are you protecting your intellectual property? Are you making sure a potential employer doesn't see it unless you're sure it contains what you want him or her to see?
    Simply curious.
    Matthew Wilson said...
    I'm a bit behind the posts, as you can see... but I finally have caught up... my "real" site is at: The main site was left inaccessible because of my former employer, who threatened to sue me if he saw any of the design work I did while I worked at his company on my personal site. So I moved everything to the above URL and left the main site as more of a "contact" page. Then my ex-employer bribed me with piles of cash to come work for him again and now I leave it this way so he doesn't see every time I update my resume or post a new freelance project that I completed. At some point I may switch it back. It's a shame because it makes things fragmented.

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