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Latte Art

From the people working at a place called Victrola, a glimpse at what is probably a whole subculture of millions: coffee pourers. Latte art on the web includes hideous websites, many examples from amateurs, and scans of 1994 issues of CoffeeTalk.


  1. Ibmoid said...
    Very pretty.
    Anita said...
    Interesting that it should come from "Victrola," because it immediately brought to (my) mind the 1960s carnival art form consisting of squirting paint onto a card which was then spun on a record-player. Only question is, 45 or 78 RPMs? Of course, I am not a latte drinker. (Play this post at 16.) By the way, speaking of pourers, how is "Sideways" doing in Paris? I'm over the hill in more ways than one from the Hitching Post winery featured therein.

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