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When are we going to get serious about fixing that Pachinko machine?

"Prior to the introduction of the electrical solid state pachinko machines there were mechanical pachinko machines. I am not aware of anyone collecting these older games. They have almost no value and generally are bought and sold at garage sales.

I am also not aware of any reference books or sources of repair information for these older games. I do not know anyone who repairs the older games. "



  1. brian said...
    i'm willing to take a crack at it.
    jon said...
    I have seen repair manuals and dvds on sale on ebay for old and new pachinko machines.
    Scott said...
    I am willing to take any old vintage pachinko. I collect but am too poor to buy them all.
    Ron said...
    The oldest pachinko machines are so highly valuable,that finding the pre 1976 models at any price would be a gold mine. I have seen the older models fetch upwards of 15,000 to 167,000 us dollars,as well as one 1975 Nishijin that sold at auction for 58,000 English Pounds at Lloyds

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