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Other People's Links

Often when I come across something interesting, I bookmark it with the intention of making a post about it at some later date. Then I forget all about it.

Lorbus and Growabrain have been mouldering in my bookmarks for some time now. They are the sort of weblogs I imagine the Sputterly Utter could aspire to be if only I was more dedicated.

Here are a couple example links from those sites:

Fot those of us vaguely thinking about buying some real estate, The Bubble Meter and a Boston-based real estate weblog could make for good reading.

The best paper airplane in the World.

I've also been finding a lot of links on the ever-splendid Art for Housewives. Lastly, it's always interesting to check in on Things Magazine every once in a while.

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  1. lorbus said...
    Thanks for reading!!
    You better dedicate yourself now; I'll be reading yours!
    Hahahaha.. :0)
    Take care

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