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  1. Anita said...
    It doesn't work for me. I don't really care, but I thought you ought to know. I can't mouse over a neighborhood and see the number of blogs, and when I click on a random T-stop, I get "page not found." Can it tell I am a non-Bostonian?
    Actually, I was interested to learn that the past tense of "knit" might be "knit." All I knit is my brows. And I was reminded of this passage from Claude Lévi-Strauss I read in Gloria's philosophy textbook last night, when I should have been reading Lévinas instead:
    "L'humanité cesse aux frontières de la tribu, du groupe linguistique, parfois même du village; à tel point qu'un grand nombre de populations dites primitives se désignent d'un nom qui signifie les "hommes" (...), impliquant ainsi que les autres tribus, groupes, villages ne participent pas des vertus (...) humaines, mais sont tout au plus composés de "mauvais", de "méchants", de "singes de terre" ou d'"oeufs de pou".
    Now why do you suppose he used the words "oeufs de pou" instead of the far more common "lentes" ... "nits" in English? Probably for the same reason that "A Bout de souffle" was translated "Breathless" - it's much better.
    In any case, I wish the teacher had assigned Lévi-Strauss instead of Lévinas, which is woefully obscure compared to Lévi-Strauss's amazing crystalline revelations about ethnocentrism and so on. But I suppose it is the task of the teacher to make philosophy as repugnant as possible to the budding 17-year-old philosopher. That nasty tribe of louse eggs!

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