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wisdom teeth.jpg

Last Friday I had a couple wisdom teeth removed. It was really not bad at all. I barely had any swelling, and the pain was bearable when I ran out of vicadin.

I did a google search for wisdom teeth because I wanted to compare mine with other people's. There are a lot of different root shapes and styles in the world of wisdom teeth. Looking at too many pictures of teeth can quease you out a little.

Here is some of the tooth art I found:
teeth carved faces.jpg
This one is my favorite.
teeth 11th grader.jpg
This was done by an 11th grader.
The artist comments that his wisdom tooth sockets got infected. No kidding.
This one was done by someone who lives in Jamaica Plain.
This one is kind of ugly.

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  1. John said...
    Tracy: Fairbury boy, here. I think I knew you decades ago. We once walked single-file past a McDonald's in downtown New York during the summer of '89.

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