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Help me with my Halloween Map

Now I have a map people can add to from my blog. I'm going to start adding good places for halloween costume hunting and good places to go for Halloween shenanigans. Click "continue reading" to try it out.


  1. Erik said...
    I got "ERROR: no such Platial api key" as this page was loading. The map area is just a gray rectangle, and there's no title and no places.
    Anita said...
    Tracy said...
    I'm sorry. Very, very sorry. I've left this unfixed so far because the url is in my bug report and it is easier for them to find the problem if it is still borked. I will fix it this week, bug report be damned.
    It was the first MapKit created after we went live with the feature. Mine is the only one that's broken.
    Tracy said...
    Ok. All fixed. Sorry about that.
    One thing for platial people to know is that if you add places through my website, they belong to me on platial. The mapkit is designed for people who have their own sites and need collaborative maps but whose users don't need to even know about Platial necessarily. So the owner of the map and the api keys is responsible for all the data that comes through the map and has total control over it.
    So if you want to add something to your Platial Places and this map, add it on Platial:
    Tracy said...
    Broken again.

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