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Nanowrimo Time

I just signed up for Nanowrimo again. This could be my year. All I have going on in November is a full-time job, a trip to Iowa, and moving house. Plus a couple other minor side projects.

I named my novel Backache and put it in the category "Chicklit."


  1. Kai Carver said...
    I signed up too. I have no shame. I've already forgotten my novel's title. I believe your first year was 2001.
    Tracy said...
    Have I failed at this five times already? Wow.
    I feel a little bit defeated all of a sudden.
    I couldn't get anything to show up on the 2001 link. What is it?
    Tracy said...
    I lost a comment. RRgh.
    I can't get the 2001 link to work. What is it?
    I can't believe I've failed at this five years in a row already. Seems like only yesterday I was playing the marble game incessantly instead of writing.
    2001 I was unemployed and had a new baby who slept all the time. I should totally have won that year. I blame the marble game. Erik wrote his magic mountain geriatric LSD story that year.
    2002 we had just moved to Brooklyn. Again unemployed. I made a too-elaborate plan for the novel that year and got discouraged. I was also actually quite busy organizing la Superette.
    2003... total blank. I guess we had just moved into our place in Durham. Maybe not. Raleigh? Again unemplyed? I need to use that timeline thing.
    2004... tried writing with Justine. Did some, but not much. This is the year I made very schmancy handbags for la Superette. Spent most of November in my own personal sweat shop.
    2005... Signed up just out of form. Didn't write a word, I think. I had just started at Platial.
    2006... I've never been busier. Being unemployed never helped me do more writing. I'm optimistic. I'm also planning to stop drinking and smoking for a month, as an experiment. I'll probably just write my novel as a fictionalized documentation of detox.
    Tracy said...
    Hey! There's my lost comment!
    Tracy said...
    Hey! There's my lost comment!
    Tracy said...

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