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Manager for Etsy Germany.

Ask a lot of stupid questions. Do things you don't think you can do.

Philosophy of being a woman in tech.
Silicon valley is focused on money a lot.
Homogeneous tech scene brings homogeneous solutions and products.

Campus party Mexico
technology is about creating a living and a future for themselves
finding small solutions for their communities, not making something MS would buy.

Should be more older people in tech and differently educated people.

Apologizing for not being a coder. Interesting.

"Finding your voice." Problematic weird idea. Took Calculus in summer school right before college. The class was full of young brainiacs. First time she was afraid to ask questions.

Make yourself visible and heard in the work environment. Ask questions. This is one way to combat the quotidian exclusion that can happen (guys go out drinking together, men go to sauna together)

Respect other people asking questions. Be humble. Be patient. Be helpful.

Sometimes asking questions helps you understand what you are good at.


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