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Pre-meetup hullabaloo #ggm12

10:15 AM

This is the first female-focused tech event I have ever been to. It feels like I've fallen into a parallel universe. On one hand, I am a little bit giddy to see all these cool-looking women. I could use a few more great women in my life and this looks like a good place to meet some. On the other hand, it does feel a little weird to be all women.

It's not the same kind of weird as when you go to a networking event and it's all men. It's a nicer, happier, more comfortable kind of weird. It's a weird I like.

I've read in a few articles that one of the problems women have is that, unlike other minorities in tech, they are often reluctant to network around their minority-ness.

Girl Geek Meetup started four years ago in Sweden. It's nice to see this networking reluctance breaking down. Go young people!


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