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Hanging out in Undies

I bought a Pilates book today. Old Joe Pilates didn't call his method Pilates. He called it "Kontrology". The man loved to hang out in his undies. In the book there is picture of him at age 82 standing out in the snow wearing nothing but his briefs and a pair of ballet slippers. I couldn't find it on the internet. I bet he was a pretty weird guy.

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  1. I C Rapoport said...
    Pilates wasn't weird, he was eccentric. He was also brilliant - as his method Contrology (spelling?) has caught on and is the biggest fitness method in the world today. Every street corner has a Pilates studio now. I know. I shot the pictures of him in his "undies" (actually, his Speedo bathing suits)
    I C Rapoport (you have a link to my website)

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