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Bug Blogs, etc.

While working on a post about aphids on Cognoshanty, I came across an insect weblog. It hasn't been very active lately, but there is a lot of neet stuff in it.

There's a link to a bat weblog, a link to a bee blog, the Invasive Species Weblog, Cicada Mania and a scary story of how a dog was killed by bees!

Also interesting:
Beyond Brilliance Beyond Stupidity
Lewis and Clark: What Else happened?

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  1. Kai Carver said...
    The Esuvee Beast in the interesting but slightly unfortunately-named blog is one cute muppet (Flash), apparently created by Ford as community service punishment for some dastardly deed of theirs.
    The Lewis & Clark blog is a good idea but, I fear, in the end a bit boring to me. And I don't like insects, so I sure didn't click on all those bug blogs.

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