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Bike Punk


Kai ran into a SCUL armada last time he was visiting. They made a documentary about their organization, which showed in August.


  1. Kai Carver said...
    These guys are so great.
    I was having a conversation with Mark at a bar about rollerblading. He was saying how great Paris roller is. But I am so over rollerblading, it's weird. Haven't bladed in years. I mostly jog now. Maybe it's an evolution towards greater simplicity in transportation. Dunno. Before rollerblading I was surgically attached to my bicycle. Coincidentally, that's when I lived in Boston. I gave it up in Paris when my bike was stolen. I might get another one. But it's kind of a pain being tied to this bicycle, having to drag it around when you're with other people...
    But this! These choppers. I could really go for that. I want one. Bad.
    By the way, I went rowing in Villennes the other day. Pretty nice.
    tracy said...
    Let's go visit the SCUL headquarters next time you're in town.

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