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White Elephant


Yesterday near Davis Square, we stumbled upon a yard sale of half-broken violins, Chinese instruments, wooden flutes, rejected jewelry, hundreds of cds, old cameras, and miscellaneous curiosities.

I think this one qualifies as a real White Elephant Sale.

It was the joint effort of Micheal Knoblach, a local dealer in antiques and musical instruments and his friend, a retired dealer, who has a home at the prime Davis location.

Erik got a snare drum.

I got a shoe horn and a Brownie Hawkeye Flash box camera. The camera has a little nick on the body, where the two halves join, which I'll have to cover with tape. I think the flash was there in the pile of junk, but I didn't look for it because I know I'll never use it.

My Brownie cost $3.00, which is $2.50 less than it originally cost when it was America's favorite camera between 1949 and 1961. I'm particularly excited because I love square photographs.

It takes 620 film, which is identical to 120 film except that its spool ends have a smaller diameter. I'm hoping I'll be able to just trim the 120 spool ends rather than having to find an extra 620 spool somewhere so I can respool the film onto it.

I even found the owner's manual (pdf) online.


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