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Phone Tip

Recently I have done something with my cell phone which I highly recommend to anyone. Most cell phones can be programmed to flash a little piece of text when you turn them on. I'm not sure what the idea behind this is or what is the point, but a while back, I programmed my phone to flash the text "You are amazing."

Now, every time my phone crashes and I have to turn it back on again, the incredible frustration I feel about this expensive bit of buggy crap (Nokia N73) is mitigated by the nice feeling of reading those words.


  1. Kai Carver said...
    Anita said...
    I think all that my old Nokia is programmed to do upon turning on is play that five-note melody, but I can easily imagine it's singing "We love you, Ni-ta!" At least it was fairly cheap. Does this count as hearing voices?
    Tracy said...
    I don't think that counts as hearing voices. Luckily there is a line between easily imagining and actually hearing voices.
    Anita said...
    Mark has a suave new bicycle bell that says, to my ears, "Par-don!" Works pretty well for scattering tourists on the bike path. My little "dingding!" just falls on deaf ears. When they're oblivious enough to be strolling down the bike path, it takes real suavity to wake them up.

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