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Recycle Crocs

old worn-out crocs

Vigo just outgrew his first pair of crocs from last year. He really loved them and wore them as often as he could. I was wondering what to do with the old worn-out pair, and I discovered that they are indeed recyclable.

Crocs are recyclable!! Just mail them back to the company where they are repurposed and shredded to make padding for children’s playgrounds. To recycle your crocs: clearly mark the outside of the package with “RECYCLE” and mail them to:
1510 Nelson Rd.
Longmont, CO 80501


  1. Tracy said...
    I have also discovered that if your crocs rivet breaks, they will send you new ones for free.
    Tracy said...
    I got my crocs rivet today. It took a few weeks to get them, but now my strap is back in place. they actually sent me six rivets.
    Andrew said...
    I actually came across this topic on TreeHugger, here is the comment.
    "Crocs appear to be listening to all the people who are wondering whether their shoes are recyclable. I just asked Crocs customer service whether they have a recycling program and pointed out that it is very unclear. Here's what they sent me:
    "Crocs, Inc. will be launching a new recycling program, SolesUnited, in early 2008. SolesUnited is a first of its kind program created in response to the desperate need for quality footwear in impoverished countries and areas affected by tragedy. Blending environmental and humanitarian efforts, we are collecting, regrinding, and remolding your old Crocs shoes into new and donating these to people in need of shoes around the world.
    If you would like to donate your shoes for recycling purposes, please send them to one of the following addresses below.
    Crocs Recycling - West
    3375 Enterprise Ave.
    Bloomington, CA. 92316
    Crocs Recycling - East
    1500 Commodity Blvd.
    Lockbourne, OH 43137-9277
    For more information on the Soles United program, please visit"
    They are actually shredded, made into new shoes, and then shipped to needy people around the globe who can't even afford shoes.

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