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Shiloh Pitt

is a spoonerism.

I bet Brad and Angelina didn't realize this when they picked that name.



  1. Anita said...
    God, like, totally. Unignorably. Ignominiously. And I bet they thought they were being really smart. Funny, my childhood friend Tater, with whom I always communicated in a highly evolved argot composed of spoonerisms, backwards slang, and other odd constructions is now named Pat Pitt. (Pitt Pat.)
    For instance, whenever we wanted to say "let's," we'd say "Cabbage," because... Cabbage instead of lettuce! (her mother was an Adèle Davis style nutritionist.)
    Tracy said...
    Vigo is getting into this kind of thing. He loves Runny Babbit talk (spoonerized), pig latin, verlen, and ba-talk, which is one I learned from my Indian (Asia not America) boyfriend. In ba-talk you add the sound "ba" after each syllable, rendering your conversation unintelligable to anyone over the age of 12.

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