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Korea is like a country from the future.

Destroyed during war, not many natural resources, makes a lot of culture and tech

Starcraft is the national sport of Korea. Game addiction is a big problem. There is wifi everywhere. 100% of the population have internet and mobile phones. 50% have smart phones. Plan to have paper-free schools by 2015.

1. It's about collaboration.

Subway card--you can have your subway card in Hello Kitty shape, anything you want. You can also use your subway card in the cab. You can also use it at the convenience store. All three phone carriers collaborate on NFC. 3 carriers and 9 credit card companies. 100 shops are ablet ot take NFC payment now. Pay with your phone thanks to this collaboration.

2. Understand social changes and solve problems with technology

Kakao talk--like WHat's app. Everyone uses it.

Couples culture in Korea is different. Not having a boyfriend is weird. Not married before 30 means you will never be married. If you are together, you are REALLY together.You have to be in constant communication with your significant other.

1 billion Kakao talk every day Also have to buy each other gifts all the time, so Kakao talk sells gifts.

March 14 is black Valentines where single people get pity gifts 

3. Know your opportunities


Long commutes are normal. Every subway platform has a digital screen for finding places. You can make a free call to anyone, play games, etc. They look beautiful and are not vandalized. There are phone chargers on the bus. is an interesting


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