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Andrea Kolb #tedxberlin

Marrakesh is a place of inspiration. Create a place for people to think about te future in a context that is already rich, confusing, and inspiring. Marrakesh is a place of peaceuful coexistance of opposites They renovated an old Medina with no electric tools. As a woman, she was erased by the culture of Marrakesh. The workers would not even look at her. She tried to find a way to make herself visible and the first step was to stop believing that she could come to another culture and teach them something instead of learning. She became fascinated with the crafts and trades that are disappearing in Africa and realized that Europe loves this kind of handcraft. So she created a plan to bring the two worlds together. Sell vintage products to raise money. Found craft schools. Make new stuff. Sell it in Europe. Fund community projects. It is difficult sometimes for a native person to see the value in their own culture. It took her a long time to build trust and to bring the craftsmen to see the dream. It took a year and a half. Very interesting when cultures collide productively. They gave the village a microcredit for building the school. They had over 100 women apply for the school. There were only 20 spaces. The villagers had no trouble sifting through the applicants. The first product was an ipad case. Protecting a modern device with a nearly dying craft form has a poetic character. Ethics are not a USP. Social brands have to be built the same as consumer brands. Her mission is to make social sexy. After a year, they have done several projects in the village with the business revenue. Next they will tackle illiteracy among women in the village and area. "tradition is not to preserve the ashes, but to pass on the flame" --Thomas More


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