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John "Maddog" Hall #tedxberlin

Godfather of Linux Free culture. Open source culture. Goes beyond software. Richard Stallman's "copyleft" movement software freedom gives you the power to create something the original author never dreamed of. I like the slowly emerging concept that all creation is reuse. Not exactly what this man is talking about, but certainly related. Closed software causes global imbalance of opportunity and brain drain. National security is also at risk with closed software because it can be controlled by the government policies of the creator's nation. The borders of Economic Levels * Piracy is rampant. 34% piracy rate in the US. Why don't people pay for software? Sometimes because it is so expensive and so needed. Free software makes it easier for a growing nation to build a software industry. Software slavery is maybe even a better way of thinking about it than software freedom, because freedom is too easy to take for granted, but slavery slaps you still. Rasberry pie runs linux and for 35 dollars you can do amazing things. Hall found a guy in Soweto who was working on the Linux kernal. The computer industry has always had an inclusive culture. Hall came out at the age of 61. Sounds like for the It Gets Better project. Another border. Nobody knows where the next software genius will come from. It is crazy to think that this person will come from one place or another. Free software makes it possible for that genius to be found wherever he or she may be.


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