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Anwar Dafa-Alla #tedxberlin

Pictures of Sudan. Ugh, it looks bad in the media. Anwar lives in another Sudan. Borders that need to be crossed in Sudan: Education. Access to information Languages Over 70 languages plus dialects in Sudan. Arabic is the dominant language. Even in South Sudan, they communicate across languages with a form of Arabic. He did his CS PhD in Korea. WE have a culture of sharing in the tech world. He tells about the TED Open Translation Project. This makes the content more shareable. He translated a talk to Arabic. Since 2003 he has discovered so much via TED, as have many of us. So, this talk is kind of an advertisement for TED itself... a mise en abime... could we call it recursive? Why not use TED to promote aspects of TED? Still feels kind of funny. JD Schramm's talk was one that he translated. How to prevent people from trying again to commit suicide after they attempt it once. He tells about how his contact with TED made him grow personally by overcoming his own homophobia. Very funny. Crossing inner borders. Now he asks himself as a translator if he should translate the phrase where the man refers to his husband into Arabic because of how homosexulity in particular is so taboo in Sudanese culture. He felt it was important to share with everyone the lesson he learned. The essence of his mission is to share knowledge.

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  1. Mohammed Omar Faruque said...
    Assalamulaikum. Dear,Thank's a lot Sharing with me!

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