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Play the Striperella game.
Not everyone loves Striperella as much as I do. Ah, those Socialist Workers...


  1. Matthew said...
    Reminds me of the time I spoke to a hardcore feminist/marxist punk rocker in the U.K. about going to a Tapas Bar. She thought I said "Topless Bar" and nearly decked me. She then recommended Angela Carter's "Sadian Woman", which I dutifully bought... and read!
    I couldn't get the Striperella game to work right on my computer... my up arrow key is sticky... so I just ended up falling off the pole a lot.
    tracy said...
    On friendster, out of 161,047 people in my network, only 20 put "Striperella" among their favorite TV shows. Their gender is split exactly 10-10.
    Kai Carver said...
    Ok, you spoiled Americans may have cool sexy cartoons while here a third Asterix movie is probably all we have to look forward to.
    But: we have this on billboards all across Paris. Ass trop, vraiment. (Ah. A new explanation for the high traffic fatality rate here?)
    wyzzatt said...
    i think in the t.v. show you should show the tits and on the game have them show the tits to

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