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Very Hairy

"The painstaking process begins with sorting the hair, counting out the hairs, tying them in strands, setting up the hair table, weaving the pattern, processing/setting the form, and lastly, applying the findings."


There is a secret for cutting an "invisible" swatch of hair close to the scalp.
Email Emily Mead for details.

Find your DIY hairwork kits here.

Reprinted how-to manual from 1876.

Buy human hair.

What kind of person gets into hair work?

Is it weirder to use your pet's hair.

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  1. Justine said...
    Is it weirder to use your pet's hair? Well, that's highly debatable. On one hand, keeping any part of your dead pet is a little odd. I had a friend who had her cat cremated and the ashes put in an urn that she kept on her fireplace mantle. I think this is a bit over the top, but then I was taught to never get too attached to the family pets because we never knew when my mom was going to have them put to sleep (she's not an animal lover). On the other hand, we pet cats and dogs, it's nice to touch their fur whereas petting a person's head is weird and kind of gross. So if I were to choose between wearing a pendant with dog fur or person hair, I think I'd pick the fur.

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