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Just because you are good at what you do does not mean that it makes you happy. Starship Millenium Project 3-year multimedia cruise, publishing documentation of the trip every day. Expensive slow internet. They had a flying dinghy. Beautiful photos! He had never had an experience of cross-ocean sailing and he felt really uncomfortable at first. What he learned is that comfort zones expand. 2.5 years living on a boat is equal to 20 years of marriage. Having nothing makes you free. But having nothing is uncomfortable. He decided to go live in Cape Town. He bought a house. Wanted to go back into nature. He had a great time in Southern Africa and started to take pictures. But then he ran out of money. So, he decided to become a photographer. Luckily, his first book of photos was very successful. Everyone's comfort zone is different. He went to Canada to photograph walruses. He met Joe, an Inuit. He had a boat. The boat was not in good shape. He started to feel uncomfortable. He does not like danger, so being on that boat in a storm was not a good idea. Calculated Risks only. Going out of your comfort zone is not about facing danger. I want to go to see this lava lake in Etheopia. He's been taking people to remote places aroudn the world. Disorienting places. It makes people cry. The experience of nature on this scale is humbling, it makes you feel how you are pat of evolution. After people go to these places, they get PIN code syndrome. They can't remember their PIN codes. Many people make dramatic life changes after this.


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