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Good Friend Mole

moles vs mole rats. New word: eusocial.


  1. tracy said...
    It's no wonder they aren't protected by international trade. Who would want an ugly termitish rodent as a pet? Or a coat made from their hairless hides?
    tracy said...
    There are 14 entries on google for "eusocial theremin."
    tracy said...
    That mole rat article fails to mention that the urine of the queen rat prevents all other females in the colony from reaching sexual maturity. When the queen dies, the first female to hit puberty takes her place and this mole's urine then prevents all the others from reaching sexual maturity. All the moles pee in the same spot and get each other's urine on their pink or yellow skins.
    Erik said...
    Off-topic: in the mole article first read "In western Kansas, it is found only in valleys where souls are kept deep and soft." Must be Helmut rubbing off.
    Seriously, that explanation of the queen's dominance sure realigns a few perspectives. And could almost be said to contradict what the mole rat article says, which is "The queen's aggressive dominance keeps other females from breeding."

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