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Some of the owl species to be found in New York City are the saw whet owl, the great horned owl, the screech owl, the snowy owl, the barred owl, the long-eared owl, the short-eared owl, and the barn owl. One barn owl nest in Jamaica Bay after housing a couple for one year was cleared of the remains of 546 house mice, 234 Norway rats, and 1,947 meadow voles. Vandalism of nesting boxes had prevented successful owl programs in city parks, where they would control the rat population. You're unlikely to actually see an owl, unless you go birding at the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge or to see the screech owls in Central Park.


  1. Kai Carver said...
    Paris is truly lovely these days. The unending days of nice weather really make a difference. People and monuments just revel in the warmth and look their best.
    But speaking of vandalism, I was sad to find a missing Arago in the courtyard of the Louvre. I guess the work will become more virtual with time.
    Unfortunately my new camera recently broke (don't know why), so I couldn't document it, but here's some info.
    The work:
    A map:
    More evidence of missing Aragos:
    PS: Tracy Rolling, you *must* enable HTML in your comments.
    tracy said...
    I don't know how to enable html in my comments. Chris Marstall admitted to me last night that he may be the cause of my links no longer working, trying to delete a comment from Erik's website. Eventually everything will be ironed out. I mean, I think it will.
    Kai Carver said...
    This "Your Blog and You" guide might help:
    Look for "comment configuration". You should be able to enable HTML in comments just by clicking on a checkbox.
    tracy said...
    Thanks Kai. I never dare think things are as simple as checking a box. I was able to get all the posts for which the archive links are not working to show on the main page, too.
    Delboy said...
    Owls. In Finland there is a owl that's related to the North American Great Horned owl expect that it has really freaky orange eyes. The latin name for this owl is Bubo bubo of which there are many subspecies. Funnily enough, the subspecies that inhabits Finland is called Bubo bubo bubo.
    Delboy said...
    oh yeah, i forgot to mention that my brother has one.
    zipcode said...
    Just curious, I see some weird layout when loading this blog using Mac OSX. Maybe it is only my problem.

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