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Hirsute Theremin

Thinking I had a very slight chance of a Googlewhack with "hirsute theremin," I gave it a shot, and the Sputterly Utter didn't even show up at all. What's up with that?


  1. Erik said...
    It didn't got spidered after you posted those entries, i.e. the little google robots didn't pay it an automatic visit. How does one make that happen? Hope that one's site is linked to from a lot of other preferrably high-traffic frequent-update sites, and then hope that they come by a couple times and notice that it has changed quite a bit, which will make them more curious in the future.
    You could also poke around on google to see if there's a place to submit a URL. I feel kind of weird that I don't actually know if they have that or not. My guess is they don't because I I've never come across it.
    Chris Marstall said...
    They do, I used it to submit last year - it still took around six weeks for it to show up in searches.
    Owen said...
    That's amazing, I just typed in 'hirsute theremin' in search of a google-whack!
    Great minds think alike!

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