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Swimming Pool

There are 52 public outdoor pools in New York City. Unfortunately McCarren Park Pool, two blocks from where we live, is not one of them. The Next Big Thing, one of my favorite public radio shows, recently did a segment about it. There are pictures on the website.


  1. Kai Carver said...
    Hi, I don't have a comment about swimming pools, but I do have a few remarks.
    1. Your Archives and Calendar links don't work.
    2. I think you should sign your articles with "Tracy Rolling", because then it would be easier to find your blog on the Internet.
    3. Googling for Tracy.Rolling, I find, besides references to "Tracy Rolling Stone" and "Tracy rolling her eyes", --
    4. Eep! You don't allow HTML in your comments! If you did, like Erik does, I could enter links more readably and usefully...
    5. So, if I enter
    I find:
    La Superette:
    Your old blog:
    And, surprisingly, via a stale "Hard core pornography" page (the ways of the Internet are mysterious, mais "l'information n'a pas d'odeur"), your old start at wrimo-ing a nano:
    The old blog and especially the old nano novel are pretty fun to read.
    I also am slightly disappointed to find out you are not the only Tracy Rolling in the world.
    Julian Lord said...
    Free swimming pools ?
    Hah !!
    I mock your feeble chlorinated ways.
    Nothing beats a two hour swim in the incredibly clean, amazingly beautiful Mediterranean Sea in the Principality of Monaco every afternoon, not to mention the sex-crazed post-nubile bimbos.
    Hope you guys are enjoying your summer as much as I like mine !!

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