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Yesterday I went to the Police Station to report that my purse had been stolen at the playground. I was appallingly hassled by the incompetent person who was supposed to be helping me. I was unable to file my complaint because I was told that I would need ID. Nobody around me seemed to think that asking a person who has just reported her purse stolen for ID was in the least bit odd. I left, and used a trick I learned during my beauracratic experiences in France: Instead of going right back, I returned at a different time in hopes of being dealt with by a normal human being. I went back this morning and was pleased to find a welcoming helpful police precint. The woman who was to take my complaint said,"You told them your purse was stolen and they told you you need ID? Who did you talk to? What planet was she on?" They gave Vigo a junior police badge and a coloring book.


  1. Chris Marstall said...
    Well, glad to hear they were nicer the second time. It seems cops feel they can be assholes a lot of the time. I wonder why that is?
    Cool coloring book!
    Ken said...
    Maybe, it's that French accented English that put off the cop. The French have a convoluted bureaucracy?! The funny thing is that Americans think our government is too big when in reality it is too small to do the fundementals outlined in the preamble. This is my junk mail email address.

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