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Cocities: Cognitive Buildings

Vini Tiet

Green buildings=very important
How do you do green buildings?
Lo-tech or hi-tech
lo=tech is thinking about how you build in a basic way
hi-tech is using sensors, etc

Franco-German office building in Munich
Glass Coffer
2 functions
aesthetic chessboard appearance
technical so windows can be opened even though it is near a road (acoustic)
and to have blinds for light

It is a DGNB certified building
have to think about the whole life cycle of the building
use, comfort, accessibility, air quality

The most green buildings are flexible. Something that will not have to be torn down in 50 years.
With this building, they first designed it so that you don't take up too much floor space holding up the building
Ceiling heats and cools
Batteryless, wireless motion sensors (you power the button by pushing on it.
Partitions are moveable so you don't have to throw them away.

The building generates huge amounts of data
the blinds can be changed in angle and height.
Measure light and blind angle to optimize according to the light outside
This reduces cooling costs dramatically
The blind goes down automatically when the sun is shining, but opens enough so you don't have to turn on the lights (before the need for turning on lights cancelled the saving in putting down the lights)

12k sensors in the building. 800 people in the building.
That's a lot of data to handle
Almost too much data.
Efficient programming of buildings is still in its infancy.

All protocols are closed.
All the data handling models are proprietary.
This kills innovation.

Yet, there is a big energy saving and economic incentive to let buildings be intelligent.

OPC tries to make an open interface for buildings. The closed structure makes huge cost barriers to entry.


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