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Dannie Jost

Normative Aspects of Structures
Norm creating structures

Works at the World Trade Institute
Physicists, international law program
she bridges natural science and law in the perspective of international trade law

legal philosophies and natural science theories


Don't see the point of writing or speaking more clearly than I think (quote Niels Bohr)

There is no such thing as a structure, really.

I see architecture as a part of agriculture, but that's my problem.

Questions of representation

There is no space. It is all construction.
No orgasm, No cognition, all construction.

the process of cognition is egocentric not geocentric
mediates information into knowledge

So, what is there? There is information.

Folk Theories. All our theories are based on some experience and expectations, but not on reality.
They are robust for their cultural acceptance, not their truth.

We do not know where we are going.
It's an iterative process and not predictable.

Futurists and forecasts fail because of incompleteness in our knowledge.
We don't know much.
We have theory.
We have action.

Julie Cohen
attention to bounderies and permissions between networked and embodied space
changes in spatial production of power

politics is how we interact with each other.

contributors to this talk:
Mira Burri
Thomas Cottier
Maria Ana Corvaglia


Learning is experiential. You can transmit knowledge but you can't store it. Knowledge is cultural and collective.

Information has no expectations. Information does not shape our expectations. The normative aspects of structures are there all over. You create the structures and they have consequences.

Yay!! Great lady!!


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