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Just the quick notes!


Jens Hauser
creator of the exhibition
video maker
Arte collaborator
radio guy
interested in art and tech connections
contextual aesthetics
art science philo
microbiological performativity
biology uses its indexicality to hide its representativeness
forensic fingerprinting and photography realationship

Only make scientists responded to inquiries from the artists for this research about biology and crime molecular identity
media blindness inherent in how bio systems are being thought of

history of fingerprints
code of patterns was translated into letters, just as DNA has been

Vanouse has a lot ot do with dna in crime
OJ trial where DNA evidence was not taken as admissible
racial issues on a molecular level
how does race matter
new stereotypes
race beneath the surface of the body

professor in Buffalo
Buffalo and Carnegie Mellon
emerging media
cinematic biological experiments

Counter Laboratories
Inverted Suspects
latent Signs


OJ Simpson's trial made DNA evidence familiar to the US
90 million watched Simpson be caught
real life media spectacle (dismisseed as... why do you want to dismiss a media spectacle?)

There has never been a case with more DNA evidence.
The defense team had enough science to find the flaws in the DNA evidence
The use of DNA as an exoneration tool
the defenders went on tho create a foundation to free wrongly-accused men on death row using DNA

"The crown jewel of the forensic world order"=DNA image

research helps your art make itself.

One DNA image from OJ's trial came up over and over again. It was a promotional image from the lab that did the work, not at all an image from the trial. Called to ask if the images were available (privacy violation?) But in fact, the journalists were offered the real image that was in question, but they preferred simpler stuff

"If it doesn't fit, you must acquit."

Got the images
what to do with these images?

Suspect Inversion Center
particularized lab
reconstruct and thus deconstruct the OJ DNA image (document)

decisions innovations hacks and interpretations are part of creating DNA images

using techniques to make the artists DNA look like the trial DNA
copying a master's painting

all of these have very different roles in art

for him: reverence, parody

image represents audacity of subjectivity (Kafkaesque) the rendition as process

opening the black box of DNA fingerprinting

The place of race in the OJ trial
Time making OJ look blacker
This is usually the big part of the discussion about the case

The place of htis case in genomic tech
but race also has a place in genes
Davenport-American Eugenecist Race crossing in Jamaica

Relative Velocity Inscription Device (and velocity of the relatives)
first human genome title was neo eugenics, but James Watson said they needed something else
2000 the human genome project stated that there was no such thing as race, that it was

Artist suspected racism could exist even if race did not
eradication of specific individual genes could be new eugenics

dna test that measures how fast dna moves through a gel
raced skin-color connected genes from his jamaican mix family in the dna gel experiment

Watson claimed that melanin caused erections. That darker skinned people were more libidinous

Individual genes could be labeled as sexual deviants

The fact of calling it DNA fingerprinting made the technology. Before it was not used.

The DNA image is a cultural construct, depending on the lab
It tells us as much about the techniques used to segment the DNA as it does about the subject
The DNA fingerprint is not natural

Vanouse did the fingerprinting process live for audiences to explain it to his public

SIC SUspect inversion center (anagram of CSI, but really an inversion)
DNA lab work made public and accessible
intermediary images
CSI builds tech fiction SIC created demystification

DNA is a constructed image

Art forgery of OJ's DNA

simulated imprint vs real imprint.
Ressemblance by Contact Georges Didi-Huberman

Symbol-tablets bearing a contract that was broken in 2 and each had a half. Convention, association
Icon- greek image or likeness. Convey ideas of what they represent by imitating them
Index-pointer or finter. more direct than symbol or Icon.

Photos try to pass as an imprint of reality

what a genetic fingerprint intends to do
sine components

destabilizes the indexing by showing that it can be manipulated into iconic images (copywrite symbol, etc) He can use DNA as pixels.

The DNA fingerprint is a subjective portrait

Francis Galton created composite photography when he failed to established a racial theory of fingerprint reading. He used composite photography to create typical faces of various races

Cell vs gene. Not only the gene but the entire cell must be considered the source of genetic difference. This is the same problem as form vs matter.


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