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What's up with the gender issues mentioned and not elaborated upon

The panel is totally male. They tried to have a woman on the panel, but failed.

DNA is passed through sperm and egg cell...


DNA is for everyone. It is not a gendered structure, but what is being made use of where ethnic identity or belonging to a particular group are concerned, they make use of a very specidfic feature, the fact that one of the major diff btw egg and sperm that come from the two sexes basically the ovum contains the mitocondrium which carries DNA and this is the exclusive female contribution, You can make use of thiat knowledge in establishing geneology bc the dna come packed in cells and you only study the dna...

Beyond the gene beneath the skin treat the whole cell as a unit, not just the dna.

Problematics of Watson's discovery of DNA Vanouse problemetizes Watson and didn't bring it up in the discussion about the discovery of DNA bc he wanted to talk about him more in the eugenics conversation

In the early 90's, gender identity as a construct was a big topic.

Jens asked female panelists to join, but none of them wanted to do it. Is there a mistrust from women of genetic or biological entology? Women don't embrace it without hesitation. They feel a danger.


Paul Vanouse is the artist of Fingerprints

Hans-Jörg Rheinberger
Max Plank institute
The media blindness of science

Simon Cole
Theoretical criminology

Jens Hauser
creator of the exhibition
video maker

Moderator: marie-Luise Angerer


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