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Creepy Crawlers

Reading a children's book about creepy crawlers yesterday evening, I learned that the term bug has a very specific entymological meaning.

Frogs are definitely not bugs.

Apparently, the correct term for what most of us call bugs, is "creepy crawlers." (Also the name of a cool toy from the 1960s.)


  1. tracy said...
    Oh crap. I actually looked that word up and spelled it incorrectly anyway. The misspelling is of course caused by my chronic confusion of the words entomology and etymology. I'm sure people sometimes decide that I'm an idiot because I say something about a word's entomology. That kind of reaction might be another form of idiocy.
    I would rather say the correct word and I would rather spell things accurately, but I don't really care about it that much.
    Kai Carver said...
    Etymology's etymology: the science of true meanings of words, from ἔτῠμος - truth.
    "I mock thee not, dear child, but in very truth Odysseus is here, and has come home, even as I tell thee."
    God, but I love the Perseus Classics Collection.

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