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To Die For

Very nice Corpses. You can choose to have lights installed in the eyes.

This is another one from Short Attention Span Theater, which I think of as my crasser, raunchier Metafilter.


  1. Kai Carver said...
    Thank you for warning me. Though in this case the mention "corpses" was enough to turn me off. In general I find I'm not interested in anything that appears on SAST. Which is useful, because I'm usually interested in pretty much everything, so rather than visit blogs, it's more efficient for me to use "anti-blogs", which tell me about those few things on the Internet that I am actually not interested in seeing.
    Claude Brisson said...
    ...Uh? If I understand correctly, you find those anti-blogs interesting because you don't visit them, am I right?
    Once again, for the world... You don't visit anti-blogs so that you don't see things that you don't want to see, and that's why you find them useful? I like you, Kai.
    Or is it... that you want to be AWARE of those things without actually seing them ? aaaahhhhh...
    Verrrrry nice post, Tracy. Thanks.
    IBM said...
    One of my friend Greg Welch's best ideas was to have anti-presets on a radio. That is, you hear a station on the radio, you don't like it, so you press a button that guarantees that you will never again hear that station. I guess that's what I was thinking of with anti-blogs. Maybe just a special link color for URLs that my "enemies" have mentioned would be enough.
    Anitata said...
    Is the Sputterly Utter sputtering out? Did the corpse post put a curse on it? Please post something vivacious.

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